Hello my name is Francisco – people call me Fran. I’m a hands-on production creative director. You can check my portfolio here

I code and design websites, and also develop strategies for web and social media. I have led and produced experiences within the areas of art, advertising, music and technology.

I grew up in Mexico City, where I worked as a CD for advertising agencies until I moved to Brooklyn NY.

My latest job effort was to creative direct Remezcla, a blog and city guide turned into a media company and creative powerhouse, with the mission of breaking the stereotypes surrounding the Latino community in the U.S.

While developing new strategies and deploying several iterations of these, I got to learn the ins and outs of leading a startup, assembling highly productive teams, and pitching a brand to potential clients and investors.

Though I could be considered a Jack of all trades, I like to focus my skills on pushing forward the cultural nuances I'm connected to and I love working with people who share this vision.

For work inquiries, potential collaborations or just to say "Hola," drop me a line at franciscoouton@gmail.com